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Why Use a “Proper” Estate Agent? (Part 2 of 5)


One thing an online agent cannot generally do is provide a local property valuation expert to assess your property and suggest the most appropriate asking price. It may be tempting to simply rely on one of the online “valuation” tools available. These can be hugely misleading. Indeed, as a test, we randomly input a recently sold property into one of these sites, which returned a valuation suggesting that the property should have been marketed at a figure some 26% lower than the figure actually achieved! In that instance this would have represented a loss of over £300,000 for the seller!

Why Use a “Proper” Estate Agent? (Part 1 of 5)


The role an estate agent plays in helping buyers and sellers to reach a satisfactory conclusion is critical to the sales process. Yet some vendors are understandably tempted to fall into the trap of trying to do the job themselves in an attempt to “save thousands”.

When the time comes to sell, you naturally want your property to look its best, but how far should you go in terms of presentation?  


Welcome to the March 2021 Property Market Comment, following a very eagerly awaited budget. Fortunately for the property market, there was no immediate bad news at all, especially in respect of the much-publicised Stamp Duty deadline.

When buying a property, it is usual for purchasers to let the solicitors do their job of scrutinising the legal paperwork and reporting back. This typically includes submitting searches to various authorities in order to reveal any nearby planning applications, infrastructure changes, flood risks, chancel repair obligations, etc.   

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