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There are numerous surveys and research that seek to prove how various home improvements add a certain percentage to the value of a property.


There has recently been a marked increase in the number of people undertaking improvements whose motivation is specifically to increase the value of their property prior to a sale. If you are considering such improvements, you should approach such surveys with caution.

Straight-talking sincere advice can be invaluable in a world where too many people would just tell you what you want to hear! For example, the oldest trick in the book is for an agent to suggest an inflated suggested asking price in order to impress you enough to secure your business, only for tears to follow down the line when the property has gone stale on the market and the price has to be dramatically reduced in order to secure a sale.

Here’s a quick overview of the property market this October.

According to the Nationwide, annual house price growth last month was still very strong at about 10%, although this was down from 11% in August, and no doubt supported by the tail end of the SDLT concession which has now come to an end.

 Whether you are planning on selling your home soon, or you have no intention of selling up and moving on, it is helpful to think about the energy efficiency of your home. If you plan on selling, you need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in place.

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