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At Fraser Reeves, we aim to provide local clients with the best standard of estate agent services. We stay in touch with clients, and this ensures we know what people want and need from the local property market.

We also stay in touch with the latest studies. When you consider the events of the past year or so, it is no surprise people are re-evaluating their home, and what is important to them.

If you have paid any attention to property market news, you will know there is significant activity in the market. There is huge demand for homes, and the supply of property cannot keep up with buyers’ wishes.

This alone is a big reason why vendors should consider selling their home. However, at Fraser Reeves, we pay close attention to what is happening in the local market, and what experts say about the national housing market.

At Fraser Reeves, we know how busy the current housing market is. We have seen the national figures, and we have dealt with many local buyers and vendors. There is significant demand for homes, and buyers are acting quickly.

A recent study into buyer behaviour would perhaps suggest buyers are rushing through the process. However, just because buyers now require fewer, and shorter, viewings, when looking at property, this doesn’t mean the quality of search has dropped.

What a crazy summer to date, with Zoopla predicting a record 1.5m property transactions this year – that’s up 45% on last year! The unexpected consequences of the pandemic and the Stamp Duty concession following right on the heels of that Brexit-related stalling market, pushed the market into a frenzy. (Although it’s interesting to note that 68% of homemovers said they would have moved even if the stamp duty holiday had not been extended).

We all know that home improvements often increase the value or saleability of your home, but whilst most improvements enhance a property, they generally stay with it when it is sold.   

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