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You only get one chance to make a first impression! When it comes to selling your home, attention to detail could be pivotal in securing an early sale at the best possible price.  

Most buyers have a good idea of their preferred location, minimum accommodation needs and ideal style of property. Yet it is often presentation that makes the greatest difference. A well-presented property not only looks more attractive, but also suggests that the owners have cared for it and regard it as their home.

Around Valentine’s Day it would seem that there’s a fair bit of love involved in estate agency! Estate agents are, if anything, matchmakers after all. And just as people fall in love with the right person, so buyers also need to fall in love with a property if the sale is to succeed.

As we all battle through the current lockdown in our own way, the property market remains buoyant. This is perhaps inevitable as we are still playing catch-up following the political uncertainty of Brexit combined with the restrictions of the first lockdown when sales transaction numbers plunged by 50%.

But current market activity remains incredibly high, despite the fact that anyone looking to buy now is unlikely to be able to take advantage of the Stamp Duty concession, worth up to £15,000 but due to be withdrawn at the end of next month.


Some local sellers have approached us to sell their property following a less-than-impressive performance by an online alternative to “proper” estate agency. Although it is always tempting to say “I told you so”, we wouldn’t be so harsh with someone who has just been through the mill with the wrong choice of agent.  


And it seems they are not alone. In fact, according to research conducted by The Advisory, fewer than 4% of properties are sold by a low-cost internet-only estate agency.

A covenant is a term you might hear when discussing a property during the conveyancing process. Covenants are a form of legal obligation that is binding on the owner of a property and passes from owner to owner whenever the property is sold. They form part of the deeds of a property and are recorded at HM Land Registry.   

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