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Whatever anyone might say about location, condition, proximity to schools, post-pandemic working from home concepts, size, etc, it is the price at which a property is initially marketed that is the key to its successful sale.

Why Use a “Proper” Estate Agent? (Part 4 of 5)


This is the fourth instalment in our investigation into why property sellers will always do better using a “traditional” style of agency versus an internet-only approach (not that we regard ourselves as that traditional!)


Our last article looked at the pros and cons of buying a modern home. Here we consider the older property.

Buyers tend to have fixed ideas about the style of home they would prefer to buy. Some would not buy anything but a “character home” whilst others prefer a brand new property. In this two-part article, we look at some advantages and disadvantages of each, starting with modern homes.  

Why Use a “Proper” Estate Agent? (Part 3 of 5)


In our third article in the series, we focus on the aspects of Compromise and Involvement – two factors that only a “human” estate agent can deliver.

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