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Our last article focussed on issues to think about when buying an unmodernised property. However, sellers should also be careful when considering the sale of a property in need of renovation.

There are about a dozen property-related programmes on TV every week. Some of these track the progress of a wreck to a finished home, or at least highlight a property’s potential.  


 It is perfectly natural to hold an interest in house prices, and what is happening in the market. If you plan on selling your home soon, or you care about the value of your home, you will want to stay informed of property prices in your area.

At Fraser Reeves, we are pleased to say we can help you remain informed when it comes to Newton-le-Willows property prices. According to Rightmove, as of late August 2021, the Newton-le-Willows housing market can be described as such

Just as the weather forecasters get it wrong (we never know whether it’s going to rain or shine this summer), so the economic forecasters and property analysts get it wrong as well. Who could have foreseen such buoyancy in the market, and, as we approach the end of the summer, with it’s very mixed weather, the property market is anything other than mixed. It continues to race ahead with not a cloud in sight, beyond all expectation and certainly beyond the forecasts of even the most optimistic commentators.

All landlords know the importance of Energy performance Certificates (EPCs). Without one, you cannot let property, and your rental property must be of a certain standard.

There are rumours that the criteria associated with EPCs in the rental market will change, and this could pose challenges for landlords. If a higher criterion is installed, many landlords will need to improve the energy-efficiency of their property.

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