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Many sellers who receive a good offer for their home turn it down because they have not yet found “the right property” and worry that they will in effect become homeless should they sell first (although we have never known this to happen!)      

It would not be unreasonable to assume that the job of an estate agent is roughly the same, irrespective of the type of property. However, the skilled agent should have a comprehensive understanding of the delicacies involved in the sale of a more up-market home.

Letting agents love the challenge of helping you find your ideal home. Sometimes however, it can be more of a challenge than need be. So if you are looking to rent a property, here are a few guidelines that will really help us to help you:

According to the Nottingham Building Society, about 21% of Buy to Let landlords do not secure a paying tenant within four months of completing their investment purchase. 53% waited for two months and the average void period was one month after completion.  

Buyers often waste an inordinate amount of time viewing property that is either too expensive or blatantly wrong in other critical ways.  

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