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Firstly, it’s not just about finding a buyer. In some ways that’s the easy bit! Yes, you can upload details and pictures of your property for minimal cost, albeit usually paid up-front with no guarantee of a sale. You could also erect your own “For Sale” board in your garden and conduct your own viewings and negotiations. For this you would save a small percentage of the price of your property. The flip side is that you could potentially lose far more.


One critical issue is valuation. This is both an art and a science that relies on a thorough knowledge of what has sold, and what has failed to sell and why, as well as an understanding of current buyers’ preferences, needs and options. Values vary almost daily depending on the availability of comparable stock in relation to local demand.


A private seller can unwittingly be misled in these areas. Your understanding of value can be distorted by properties you assume had sold for the advertised figure, without knowing the actual price achieved or which do not necessarily reflect the current market. 


Alternatively, by basing your asking price on properties currently available, you risk making a comparison with properties that the market has rejected. Your property could then become a springboard to help someone else sell theirs!  


When it comes to selling what is probably your largest asset, our expertise can help you maximise your investment. Please feel free to call us for a chat on 01925 222555.