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Take a tip from the Danes who are well known for hygge in their homes, when it comes to happiness Denmark ranks as one of the happiest nations in the world.  The word 'hygge' originates from a Norwegian word which means 'wellbeing'.



If you want to add the hygge factor to your humble abode try lighting some candles remembering to air out the room or have a few lamps lit around the home to create a more hyggeligt light as opposed to one main light in the room.  Apparently, the lower the temperature of the light is, the more hygge. Make a fire, gather your loved ones to sit around it and watch the glowing embers, add some throws to your sofa, if you don't have a luscious carpet simply add a rug to provide softness underfoot.  Adding coloured accessories to the home can visually add warmth to any room using cushions, ornaments, pictures, flowers etc.

Top tips to remember:-  Atmosphere - turn the lights down, Presence - be in the moment switch of mobiles/tablets/tv, Pleasure - coffee/cakes/food, Equality - 'WE not ME', Gratitude, Harmony, Comfort - relaxation, Truce - no politics or work or drama, Togetherness - remember the time when we...

A few new hygge words:-

Hyggesnak (hoogasnak) - Cosy conversation, Hyggestund (hoogastun) - a moment of hygge, Hyggekrog (hoogacrow) - a place to sit and have hyggelig time,

Its cold outside so let's add the hygge factor to our homes this January!